This is the full guide about how to install the OEF Python SDK.

The supported platforms are:

  • Linux (especially Ubuntu 18.04)
  • MacOS
  • Windows

The instructions may change depending on the operating system version/distribution.

The installation requires Python 3.5 or later versions. Also, we assume you have pip and git installed on your system.

At the moment, we only support installation from source.

Protobuf Compiler

The oef package requires the Google Protocol Buffers compiler (version >= 2.0.0).

In order to check if it is installed on your machine, run:


If you get Missing input file., then you already have it.

Otherwise, you can install it in several ways, depending on your platform.

Linux (Ubuntu 18.04)

You can follow one of the following instructions:

  • Using the package manager:
sudo apt-get install protobuf-compiler
  • From the release
sudo unzip -o $PROTOC_ZIP -d /usr/local bin/protoc
sudo apt-get install protobuf-compiler
git clone --recursive
cd oef-sdk-python/
sudo python3 install

For other platforms and other details, please follow the installation guide: Installation.

Mac OS X

You can follow one of the following instructions:

brew install protobuf
  • Alternatively, run the following commands:
sudo unzip -o $PROTOC_ZIP -d /usr/local bin/protoc

Other platforms

You can do it manually by checking the release page and by choosing the release for your platform. The name format is protoc-$(VERSION)-$(PLATFORM).zip (e.g. for Windows look at protoc-$(VERSION)

Alternatively, you can Compile from source.

Install oef

To install the Python package oef, follow these steps:

  • Clone the repository:
git clone --recursive && cd oef-sdk-python/
  • Install the package:
sudo python3 install

Use the OEF Node

In several parts of the documentation, we require that an instance of the OEF Node is running on your local machine.

We suggest following the guide about how to run an OEF Node: Set up an OEF Node.